St. Adalbert Church crowded once again with parishioners at reopening mass on Sunday

Last of several churches to re-open

CLEVELAND - The organ was playing and the choir was singing once again at St. Adalbert Church on Cleveland's east side.

In 2009, the church was one of several in the Cleveland area that was told to close it's doors by Bishop Richard Lennon. That decision was reversed by the Vatican a few months ago after public outcry.

The church was standing room only on Sunday. Parishioners hugged and greeted each other both before and after today's mass.

"Today is like a rebirth. I've been a member of this church since the seventies. Coming back today is like a new beginning," said long time parishioner Cynthia Sullivan.

"I was baptized here. I was confirmed here. I buried my dad here. This is a place that is very cherished to me," said George Gamble of Cleveland.

Sunday's mass was held by a brand new pastor, Reverend Gary Chmura.

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