Snowstorm left downtown Cleveland's streets a slushy mess. Who do drivers blame?

CLEVELAND - How was your drive out of downtown Cleveland Thursday during the snowstorm? Cleveland's Director of Streets said a full fleet of plow drivers did their best to keep up with terrible weather conditions.

"Terrible" and "awful" are some of the words people used to describe road conditions during Thursday's rush hour drive.

"The snow was consistently coming down. As soon as we plowed, the wind blew the snow back. Winds were gusting to over 40 miles per hour," said Michael Cox, Director of Streets for the City of Cleveland.

Cox said 45 crews were plowing Cleveland's primary roads Thursday night and Friday morning.

Cox said the city pulled ten more trucks from other departments to help with snow removal and promised to be ready for more snow expected for Monday morning's commute.

Downtown worker Paul Cushion said Cleveland streets were in terrible condition and that he got stuck several times, especially on exit and entrance ramps.

"It's in snowstorms like that when you bring out all of your forces and you make sure you get rid of some of that snow that's on the ground and get it off the roads," Cushion said.

A Cleveland taxi driver disagreed and said the snow was falling too fast and the wind was too strong to allow road crews to catch up.

Meanwhile police are enforcing the snow parking ban.

442 tickets were issued as of Friday morning for violating the parking ban and eight vehicles were towed.

As for snow covered ramps, Cox said Cleveland is only responsible for clearing ramps to the Shoreway or Route 2 and that ODOT is responsible for ramps to Interstate 90.

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