Sister-in-law of deadly chase victim Timothy Russell 'disappointed' in police department

CLEVELAND - Jackie Russell, the sister-in-law of Cleveland police chase victim Timothy Russell, expressed disappointment and shock in police in an interview on "Good Morning Cleveland" Wednesday.

Russell discussed her reaction to BCI's release of the results Tuesday. She called it more than just a "systemic failure."

"It's more with officers not performing as they maybe have been trained. It's like they just totally disregarded all of the policies and just went on a wild hunt," Russell said.

Russell expected more of the department.

"You want to feel as a citizen that you can depend on them to respond appropriately even when there's chaos around them and they didn't do that," Russell said.

Hearing the breakdown of the individual interviews of the officers involved in the chase left Russell in disbelief.

"I was actually shocked at some of the responses officers made, as to how they reacted when they arrived on the scene," Russell said.

"It raises a lot more questions in our minds than answers," Paul Cristallo, the family's attorney, said of the investigation report.

Watch the full interview in the video player above.

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