Siblings arrested after Cleveland police find meth lab near high school

CLEVELAND - Four people were arrested after a meth lab was found in the home of an 85-year-old woman, Cleveland police said.

Officers responded to the house on Fulton Road on Thursday morning for 24-year-old Zachary Thurman, who was wanted on an arrest warrant. The owner of the home allowed police to search the inside for a methamphetamine lab, saying "Go ahead, I didn't want that in my home."

The police report said officers found items to manufacture meth, including plastic bottles, coffee filters and cut batteries, in the house and the garage.

Kayla Thurman, 20; Erik Larsson, 19, and Cory Thurman, 19, were arrested and charged with illegal manufacture of drugs, as was Zachary Thurman. He was also charged with felonious assault, according to court documents. They will all be arraigned Saturday morning.

Cleveland police said the three Thurmans are siblings.

The house is less than a block away from James Ford Rhodes High School on Biddulph Avenue.

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