Shane 'Rover' French handed one year probation, $4,000 in restitution & fines for July 4 fireworks

CLEVELAND - Shane "Rover" French, WMMS' morning show host, will serve one year of probation after he pleaded guilty to four misdemeanor charges stemming from a July 4 incident in which he was accused of shooting fireworks at an off-duty police officer.

French was handed a $700 fine and a six-month suspended jail sentence, which he will not be ordered to serve unless he gets arrested again. He was also ordered to pay $3,314 to a woman who was on a nearby boat.

Rover was taken into custody early in the morning on July 5 for an alleged incident on Whiskey Island.

A police report said officers asked French and another man to stop shooting off illegal fireworks. The officer stepped on the lighter the men were using for the fireworks and that’s when French grabbed him by the shirt, according to the report.

The officer identified himself as a police officer while both French and his friend starting pushing him, police said.

The officer fell to the ground then showed the men his badge, while their friends agreed to take them home. According to police, French started to walk away, then turned around and pushed the cop in the back.

French reportedly said he didn't believe the person to be a police officer.

The officer told a nearby security guard to call police then told French he was under arrest. The police report said French got free and ran with the other man back to their boat.

French, 37, of Avon, was arrested for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, possession of fireworks and assault. The other man, 28-year-old Michael Toomey, of Lakewood, faces similar charges.

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