Shaker Heights woman gets a water and sewage bill for over $28,000 dollars

Shaker Heights, OH - A Shaker Heights woman received a scare in the mail about two weeks ago. It was her water and sewer bill. Both totaled over $28,000 dollars for one month.

“I couldn’t believe it. It was so ridiculous,” said Jane Horvitz. She said her and her husband just laughed.

Horwitz said she made several phone calls to the Cleveland Water Department to get the issue resolved, but she said it took sometime before someone came out to her home. Once the water department got to her home, they realized that her water bill was incorrect.

“The outlet gasket on the water meter itself failed,” said Jason Wood of the Cleveland Water Department. “That is our responsibility to fix and we have [done that]. We have corrected the bill down to the typical water usage for that period,” he continued.

The sewer bill was just as high. That bill was for just over $14,000. Horwitz said she and the water department have battled it out over the years about water rates, but this takes the cake. “We get pretty good water bills here and this one was so beyond. I mean this [bill] was more than a couple of years,” she said.

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