Several events scheduled for 20th anniversary of Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's Rainforest

CLEVELAND - Get out the birthday candles. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's Rainforest turns 20 this weekend, and you can take part in the celebration.

Beginning Saturday, Nov. 17, the zoo kicks off three days of special events, activities and giveaways.

On Wednesday, zoo officials gave a glimpse of what guests can expect, including a frozen treat for orangutans.

Chris Kuhar, the zoo's curator of animals, says the Rainforest has put the spotlight on Cleveland.

"Really in many ways this was the first real, modern zoo exhibit here. It's an exhibit which made Cleveland Metroparks Zoo a year-round facility. It's provided a lot of great opportunities immersion sort of exhibit and people love it people come out just to see this building."

Enrichment demonstrations over the weekend will include porcupines, Francois' langurs, capybaras and anteaters in addition to the orangutans and otters.

On Monday, Nov. 19, the Rainforest is free for all guests.

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