Several animals from Cleveland dogfighting raid still need good homes

CLEVELAND - The APL and the Cleveland Kennels need help in finding good homes for several dogs used in a Cleveland dog fighting ring.

Prosecutors said there were syringes and treadmills in the eastside Cleveland house that they believe were used on the dogs. Authorities called the conditions "horrific." At least 27 dogs were seized during the raid. Some have found good homes, but 10 still need a little love.

Sharon Harvey, CEO of the Cleveland APL, said these dogs have had absolutely no exposure to the real world and lack socialization skills used by domesticated animals. Harvey believes they need someone who will take time with them and introduce them to the world on their terms.

"They were dogs that had absolutely no exposure to the real world. When we brought Adalyn out here the first time to run, it was the first time she'd been outside running," Harvey said. "You saw her, she just went nuts."

Chief animal control officer at the Cleveland Kennels John Baird said the dogs came into his facility banged up and malnourished. He said they are not aggressive towards other animals,and just need some good human companionship.

Prosecutors said the dogs' owner, Collin Rand Jr., 33, was indicted on 28 counts of dogfighting, six counts of cruelty to animals, one count of trafficking, two counts of drug possession and one count of possessing criminal tools. He has pleaded not guilty.

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