Sea of family, friends, strangers welcome Amanda Berry to Cleveland home with sister

CLEVELAND - A sea of people welcomed Amanda Berry home to her sister's West 129th Street house Wednesday morning.

Many faces in the crowd were family and friends but there were also many who never met Berry, people like Noemy Ortiz. She's been praying for Amanda since she disappeared 10 years ago.

"This has to be the most incredible thing that has ever happened. It's a Godsend."

A few hundred people lined the sidewalks to get a glimpse of the young woman who people have been looking for over the past decade -- the girl a community never forgot.

"I think she is a very courageous young lady. I would love to give her a hug," Ortiz said.

Hugs, tears and smiles made for an emotional day at the Berry home and to those who came to wish her well.

"I don't really even know them but I want to cry 'cause it's wonderful they're home," said Pamela Lee.

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