Residents revved up over car break-ins at Tremont apartment complex

Residents say car break-ins have them gassed

CLEVELAND - Residents in an apartment complex in Cleveland's Tremont neighborhood are all revved up. They claim their apartment building's parking lot has been the victim of car thieves.

Now, they have formed a neighborhood car watch trying to protect each other from crime.

"We are trying to prevent the break-ins as much as possible and catch people in the act if we can," said Carl Ricco.

He said his car has been broken into six times and his car has just been recovered after being stolen out of the apartment parking lot. He is currently driving a rental car and even that was no match for the thieves.

He claims his rental was broken into Monday. There is no name for the car watch he and others partake in. Liz Davis, Ricco's roommate, said she has stayed outside for as long as 4 hours watching cars in the lot. She said she would pass the time by playing music on the radio.

"Once in awhile one of us will stay in the apartment so we can see which direction they come from," she said.

Andrew Hilton said he was hired as a security guard for the building last summer. He said he was only there about a month because there was not enough money to keep his $10 dollar an hour part-time gig. He said while on duty for about a month he was very busy.

"Oh there was quite a bit of action," he said. "Seventeen break-ins were avoided."

A manger for the property said they were not aware of the car break-ins and that Ricco only told them of one issue with his car. Ricco said he has filed police reports for each incident with his car being a target. There are surveillance video signs posted on the property but it's not clear if it works.

Cleveland public records did not get back to us in time for this story as we attempted to get a report of break-ins on that property.

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