Report: Sandwich thrown at relative of Cleveland kidnapping victim Gina DeJesus by News America

CLEVELAND - A police report shows a sandwich was thrown by a marketing crew at a relative of Cleveland kidnapping victim Gina DeJesus.

The incident reportedly happened days after DeJesus and two other women, Amanda Berry and Michelle Knight, bravely escaped a Seymour Avenue house where they were held captive for 10 years.

Around 4 p.m. on May 11, DeJesus' family member was walking on Camden Avenue near West 71st Street to the store when she noticed she was being followed by a car.

A man, later said to be with News America, began yelling out the window asking how Gina was doing. The woman held her hand up in the stop position to let the man know she didn't want to answer any questions.

Next thing the victim said was the man threw a sandwich across his female passenger. The sandwich smacked DeJesus' relative in the stomach, staining her shirt.

It's reported the man then said, "Oh, so that got your attention" before he drove away.

The victim said the passenger looked as shocked as she did. A neighbor said he has the whole incident on video. The footage helped police find the vehicle which was rented by News America.

The incident has been filed with police as an assault.

News America, also known as News America Marketing, is owned by News Corp.

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