Report of alligator in pool brings Cleveland Animal Control out to W. 50th Street

CLEVELAND - Cleveland Animal Control was called out to West 50th Street, just south of Carnegie Avenue, Monday for the report of an alligator in a residential backyard.

When officers arrived around 1 p.m., animal control met with Cleveland officers and found a 4-foot alligator in a small pool. They also found four dogs with the gator in the backyard.

Control officers removed all five animals and took them back to the Animal Control Office where they remained Tuesday.

According to Cleveland Animal Control, the owner of the animals was already in jail when the animals were seized.

It's unknown what the owner was incarcerated for at the time of the animal removal.

Cleveland Animal Control Officer, Miguel Santiago, said when they arrived on the property they were shocked to found the alligator.

"We just walked up on him and he was in the ground dug out with an expanded metal right over it with water in it, nothing holding it down or nothing," he explained. "They put a liner or something inside of it, and filled it up with water put a piece of expanded metal right over it."

Although Santiago said this is an unusual find, there have been other exotic animals confiscated in Cleveland. He said pet owners should think twice before putting these types of animals in a community environment.

"It could be dangerous, dangerous to kids, adults, to anybody, they don't realize they're putting other people in danger. When they're out there loose we have to remove them and this situation with this alligator, we had to remove him."

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