Reading relay by national accounting firm helps Cleveland elementry students at Imagine Academy

Reading by volunteers of KPMG promotes literacy

CLEVELAND - Bookkeepers and books. Makes sense. Seems volunteers from KPMG, a national accounting firm, thought so too.

Mastering reading skills at the earliest age possible is a goal for teachers at Imagine Academy in Cleveland and national accounting firm KPMG has made it there goal to advance reading skills across the country with their fifth annual reading relay

Volunteers from the Cleveland office KPMG read "Green Eggs and Ham" to the eager young students and distributed  a gift pack of five new books to take home as their very own to nearly 70 students. The children classics were chosen by a vote of 90,000 KPMG employees nationwide. An activity book as well as crayons were in each gift bag.

Across the country today KPMG gave out some 130,000 books and sat down to read to thousands of students in this years READING RELAY.


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