Rally held to support victims of Cleveland police shooting, call for action

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio - A crowd of just more than 50 people gathered Monday evening at the corner of Lee Boulevard and Terrace Road in East Cleveland to protest the shooting death of two people last week by Cleveland police following a chase.

Malissa Williams, 30, was killed, along with Timothy Russell, 43, when Cleveland police fired 137 shots at Russell's 1979 Chevrolet Malibu. That was after a police chase that started near the Justice Center after officers reported a shot was fired out of the car.

"No matter what lifestyle you live, nobody deserves to die like that," said a cousin Williams.

Flyers hung on telephone poles near the intersection said the rally was to protest the "police lynching" of the two by firing 137 bullets. The uncle of Williams wasn't apologizing for the harsh tone.

"It was an execution. That's exactly what it was. It was a lynching," said Walter Jackson Sr.

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson earlier Monday urged those involved to be patient and that the investigation would take time. The uncle of Williams said he understands.

"We actually want the real answers, what actually took place?" Jackson said. "You know, did it actually take them to shoot 137 times into a car to actually apprehend two suspects? I mean, c'mon."

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