Rally held for Russell and Williams, killed after 137 shots fired by Cleveland Police

CLEVELAND - The rally was small, but they came armed with a microphone to talk about the night Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were killed in East Cleveland.

The rally was scheduled to be at Heritage Middle School where the deadly shooting took place. Police were called to the school and the participants were asked to leave due to parent/teacher conferences that were planned.

It would end up taking place right outside of school grounds. People were holding signs that read, “massacred by the Cleveland police, 137 bullets.” No one from the Russell family showed, but the aunt of  Williams said she was there to deliver a message.

Dorothy Sigelmier said the Williams family wants the officer who fired 49 rounds brought up on murder charges. That officer is Michael Brelo, but in the same breath she said something that she thought would make her sound odd.

“They should all get punished, but it might sound crazy, but I have forgiven him. I forgive all of them, but I haven’t forgot,” she continued. Russell and Williams were killed after leading police on a 23-minute chase from Cleveland to East Cleveland.

The chase would end at Heritage Middle School where officers said Russell used his car as a weapon coming at them. Officers fired 137 shots killing individuals both in the car.

We contacted the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors Office to find out where they are in the grand jury process, but our request was denied. This Saturday, it’s expected that a reenactment will take place at the middle school.

East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said the city has been contacted to block of roads around the school. He said Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), did not go into detail as to what they would be doing.

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