Police say naked burglar broke into east side family's home looking for teen he met at corner store

CLE man breaks into home naked looking for teen

CLEVELAND - Steven Walton may not be a name you know, but he is certainly a man a Cleveland east side family won't soon forget.

When fourth district police officers responded to a burglary call along East 148th Street on Saturday, the 16-year-old victim said she was approached by Walton while at the corner store next  to her home.

Allegedly, he asked the teen how old she was and also wanted to know if she would go downtown with him. The teen said no at which point Walton gave her $20 that she accepted. She then told police she felt the man was making sexual advances at her.

After the teen gets home, she settled in to watch TV with her mom and sister when a knock was heard at the door.

"When I looked out, I seen a buck naked man banging on my window," the mother said in her statement to police. Mom told her two daughters to go upstairs to their room and lock the door.

"Next thing I knew, he had broken the glass with his fist and came in," the mother told authorities.

With Walton standing in her home, naked, he made a demand according to the report. "I want what I'm due or I'm going to [expletive] you up!"

The mother, who at this point was terrified, ran upstairs to join her daughters in the locked room, never realizing she'd have something in common with actress Jodie Foster in the movie "Safe Room." It was in that locked room that the family called for help.

Police arrived to the home shortly after 8 p.m. and noticed glass everywhere. The report said they took pictures of the blood on the glass, door knob and couch. Walton was already gone.

But Walton's brother arrived to the scene and told police where they could find the naked burglar. Walton was then arrested at his home.

Court records show Walton has a lengthy criminal history. Since 1997, he's had 20 cases go through the system. The charges range from drug trafficking and drug possession to endangering children, inducing panic, riot and vandalism.

In the naked burglar case, Walton has a bond of  $25,000 and a judge ordered he have no contact with the victim.


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