CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Police searching for person who shot family cat on Puritas Avenue

CLEVELAND - Cleveland Police along with the Cleveland Animal Protection League are looking for the person shot a six-year-old family cat.

It happened on Puritas Avenue around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday and it the whole act was caught on camera.

[Warning: The video above could contain disturbing footage.]

The owner of Jack, the cat, has surveillance cameras outside her home and the video shows a man take out a gun and shoot the cat.

“My biggest question to who did it is 'why,'” said Danielle Stiegelmeyer, who said she had to put the cat down because of his injuries.

On the tape, you see the man first walk up and pet the cat then walk away. He then comes back and pulls out a weapon and shoots the cat.

The cat then crawls away dragging its hind legs. Jack was later found towards the back of the house. The family took it to the vet, where Stiegelmeyer said its spine was shattered.

The family owns seven other pets and Stiegelmeyer said the hardest part was telling her children. Mark Stiegelmeyer fears that whoever did this could be moving on to something worse. “They have to be put away. They are going to graduate to a bigger target maybe a moving target and a stray bullet could hit a young child.”

Police have not said if they have any leads.

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