Police layoffs in Cleveland deplete specialized units

No more cops in schools

CLEVELAND - Of the 321 Cleveland employees laid off, 123 of them are police officers. The layoffs caused many officers to be reassigned and specialized units to be depleted.

- Every district will now operate with one less two-person patrol car and one less one-person car.

- 11 members of the narcotics unit have been reassigned to patrol cars. That unit will continue with 16 officers.

- The five officers making up the joint task force have all been reassigned. The joint task force worked directly with federal law enforcement and acted as a liaison between organizations like the FBI and city police.

- One officer from each detective bureau has been reassigned to a patrol car.

- One officer from each vice unit has been reassigned to a patrol car.

- The community services unit will also lose officers. This unit monitors quality of life complaints, such as loud music and vandalism. They also assist neighborhood watch programs.

- Starting next year, Cleveland police will end its Cops in Schools program. Schools in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District will now be handled by the patrol units working in that specific district.

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