Police: Armed intruder shot and killed at Portage Avenue home in Cleveland

CLEVELAND - Third District Police say a male was sleeping on his couch when he heard someone kick open a door.

The resident ran and grabbed a gun.

The suspect kicked open a second door to the home and that's when the resident fatally shot the male suspect.

Cleveland Police arrived at the scene and located the alleged intruder dead in the driveway.

Cleveland's Third District Police Department Captain Romoga said the suspect was armed with a knife.

"The home has two doors in this location he heard the suspect kicking in the front door made entry into the first door and was attempting to kick in the second door he retrieved a handgun saw the knife in suspects hand fired one shot after he saw that weapon in his hand," Captain Romoga explained.

CEO of Peace In The Hood, Khalid Samad said there are problems in the Slavic Village area that the community can help combat.

He said the residents have got to get to know one another, watch out for each other, and report what they see.

"What we have now in the Slavic Village area is transitional homes, but we've got a gang related problem that is stemming from other parts of the city where these groups like the heartless felons are going around encouraging young people to break into their neighbors homes," said Samad.

The male resident was taken into custody for questioning and to make a statement about the shooting.

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