Police called to Public Square in downtown Cleveland for man with snake around neck

CLEVELAND - Police were called to Public Square in downtown Cleveland for reports of a man with a snake Wednesday afternoon.

Cleveland police has not yet said whether the man was doing anything wrong, but two officers responded to the scene.

According to a NewsChannel5 viewer who posted a photo of the man talking with police on Twitter ( @Mitch_Cumstein_ ), the officers checked the man's ID and made him put the snake back in a bag. The viewer said the man had the snake around his neck when he first spotted him.

"I'm scared of snakes so I snapped a photo and went back to work," said @Mitch_Cumstein via Twitter.

In the photo, the man was standing on the sidewalk on the south side of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

Cleveland police said they told the man to take the snake home, and he complied.

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