Plain Dealer employees campaign to keep 7-day-a-week paper

CLEVELAND - Could the Plain Dealer be reduced to a three-day-a-week newspaper?

Employees say it has happened at other papers in the chain and they're launching a campaign to try to prevent it from happening here.

"All we know is that major changes are coming and among those changes are some reductions in staff," said John Mangels, PD science reporter and chairman of the campaign steering committee.

"We hope it's not going to be a cut down to three days a week, but we don't know. The only thing we have to go by is what our owner, Advance, has done in its other markets and in those other markets, it's been cut down to three days a week and half or more of the journalists let go."

The campaign, which begins Sunday, will consist of billboards, an ad in the paper and on buses. There's also a petition on for readers to sign.

"The idea here is to turn it over to the community," said Harlan Spector, PD reporter and Newspaper Guild chairman. "We hope that the community will take enough interest to put pressure on this company to not make these radical changes here in Cleveland."

The Plain Dealer hasn't made any announcement about a publication reduction. However, in a statement Friday Publisher Terry Egger said:

"We are always working on the evolution of the Plain Dealer and striving to best serve the needs of our readers, advertisers and the overall community.  While rapid changes are occurring in the way people want to receive news and information, one thing has not changed and will not change - our deep commitment to northeast Ohio and to deliver the highest-quality journalism and marketing solutions on all platforms."

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