Perkins High School teacher reaches $10,000 goal, will shave head for sick sister, dystonia research

WEB EXTRA: Hensley talks about sister's disease

SANDUSKY, Ohio - A 60-year-old Perkins High School art teacher reached her $10,000 goal for dystonia research, an incurable disease that has taken away her sister's ability to walk and sit up on her own.

In exchange for the research money, Donna Hensley will shave her head on Wednesday. That's right, she'll be bald for the first time since birth.

A spaghetti dinner Monday night pushed Hensley over her $10,000 goal. With the support of her students, family, friends and strangers, Hensley raised over $7,700 before the dinner.  

"We have a lot of wonderful young people out there and it if this is any indication of what they can do in our future, I'm not worried!" Hensley said in an email.

Dystonia is a neurological problem that causes involuntary muscle spasms. The crippling disease has taken a strong grip on Hensley's sister Nancy's life, forcing the mother of three to be placed in a nursing home.

[Watch a video of Hensley talking about her sister's rare disease]

Doctors are experimenting with medications and an altered diet, hoping to alleviate some of Nancy's discomfort and pain. But treatments available are limited and Hensley wanted to do something to help now.

Hensley had hoped to raise the $10,000 by May 16, the day before Nancy's birthday.

A 2:30 p.m. assembly will be held in the high school gym where Hensley's head will be shaved. Her hair will be donated to Locks of Love.

The school tweeted "#Shavedonna reaches goal and passes the $10,000 mark!!! Thanks to all for your social network and financial support!"

The fundraising effort began in early April.

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