Clevelanders hit the road to avoid 'cabin fever' but potholes making driving slow and difficult

CLEVELAND - With the break from snow and bitter cold temperatures around northeast Ohio, more people are venturing out.

But it doesn't take long before they realize they'll have to venture slowly in order to spare their car damage from potholes.

The Carnegie Auto Wash in downtown Cleveland has seen more business now that the weather is a little more bearable. Owner Joe Hathorn hears the same complaints from his customers.

"Rims bent. Tires busted. Slow leaks," said Hathorn.

For the most part people living in northeast Ohio are used to the potholes that are created during our snowy weather. But this year was one of the worst.

"You try to miss one then there's a bigger one you have to swerve to miss," said Earvin Thomas, of Cleveland.

If people in Northeast Ohio are having difficulty with all the potholes this year, you can imagine how visitors from southern states like Florida hate it.

"The potholes are the worst here. They're huge. They mess up your car, your alignment, everything," said David Toth, of Orlando, Florida.

Repair crews know they have a lot of work ahead of them. They were spotted filling potholes Sunday in the University Circle area. As long as weather permits, they will be doing as much repair work as possible.

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