Painesville sisters help keep memories alive on Veterans Day

Families of fallen vets grateful for their work

PAINESVILLE, Ohio - Sisters Sharon Beebe and Karen Vidmar are on a mission. Years ago they began crocheting U.S. flags and making pillows. Then, they sew a photo on of a fallen war veteran and present it to the family.

"We do it for nothing. We do it from the heart" said Sharon Beebe of Painesville.

Sharon makes the pillows. It takes her three or more days to make each one. They are not sent to the family until the matching flag is ready. That's where Karen Vidmar comes in.

It takes at least one month to crochet one of her special American flags, complete with a photo of a loved one.

"This is from our heart to your family. They can't believe that we're doing this for nothing" said Karen Vidmar of Painesville.

The sisters each work at their own homes. They live just a few streets away from each other and get together when it's time to ship the items to a waiting family.

" We're nervous because we don't know how they'll react. They cry. They're overwhelmed" said Vidmar.

The sisters don't plan on stopping. As long as there are wars to be fought, they will support as many families as they can.

They don't advertise. Word of mouth is all they need. They currently have enough requests to keep them busy for at least six months.

"We're proud to do this for the families" said Vidmar.

"I love doing it," said Beebe. "But I wish I didn't have to."

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