Owner: Cleveland food truck 'Dim and Den Sum' stolen from garage, found by fan on east side

CLEVELAND - One of Cleveland's most famous mobile monuments – a food truck – was apparently stolen over the weekend, but the search for it is now over.

According to owner Chris Hodgson, the "Dim and Den Sum" truck was taken from its garage Friday night, and was still missing as of 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Hodgson, who is also the person behind "Hodge's" restaurant on Euclid Avenue in downtown Cleveland, posted a message to the apparent thief on the truck's Twitter account (@DimAndDenSum):

"If you stole me please give me back... I was taken from the garage Friday night and would like to be returned..... Thank you # foodtruckthief ," wrote Hodgson.

Hodgson also posted on restaurant's Twitter account @HodgesCleveland"

"Dear # foodtruckthief give me back @ dimanddensum , I will not stop roaming the streets till I find my truck."

About a half hour later, Hodgson posted that the truck was located at Central Avenue and East 46th Street.

"Only took 30 minutes to locate our truck with the help of A fan who saw it parked In central Cleveland! @ DimAndDenSum will be home soon," wrote Hodgson.

But Hodgson said the truck was "stripped."

Dim and Den Sum was one of the first food trucks to set up shop in Cleveland in 2010, starting a trend that would bring several others and prompt the city to pass legislation to make it easier for them to park.

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