Occupy Cleveland protesters granted public event permit

CLEVELAND - Occupy Cleveland protesters have obtained a permit from the city of Cleveland for what they are calling a "public event." The public event permit will allow the protesters to erect tents and other structures as long as each structure does not take up a space larger than a 10 foot by 10 foot area.

Since receiving the permit, the protesters have set up nearly 50 tents with large tarp coverings that span the entire length of their makeshift homes.

Protester Jonathan Bowen said he is in it for the long haul and is preparing to stay in Public Square through the winter.

"The weather is going to get cold and we do not plan on leaving anytime soon, so yeah I mean I plan on being here through the winter because I know change isn't going to happen anytime soon," Bowen said.

Bowen also said he believes that Occupy Cleveland is getting stronger by the day and he reported that the number of people participating has grown everyday since the movement began last Thursday. Organizers said they have just over 50 people that are making the West Roadway sidewalk their home.

Food and supplies have been donated to the group and they also have rented portable toilets that are set up in Public Square.

The group said it hopes to get national recognition as more groups gather to demonstrate in other cites around America. The Cleveland group said its goal, as a whole, is to make the change they said America desperately needs for a better future.

The group members said that they have not had any run ins with the police and that they feel that most people are receptive to their message.

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