'Occupy Cleveland' growing in size and numbers

CLEVELAND - A small town is starting to form on Public Square in Cleveland. The protesters that call themselves, "Occupy Cleveland," have been in downtown Cleveland since last Thursday protesting everything from corporate greed to the way the United States government is operating.

The protesters have set up on the sidewalk on West Roadway on the outer edge of Public Square. The area is surrounded by homemade signs hanging on a rope tied to trees. Inside the rope and signs, the protesters have set up a few tables with food that has been donated, sleeping bags and blankets and even a laptop with Internet access to push their message to social media.

The whole point, organizers said, of Occupy Cleveland is to make downtown their "home." They said they will not leave until they see some change in America.

They have permits from city officials until October 17, 2011. Then, they will have to re-apply for more permits. So far, they have had very peaceful demonstrations and said they have not seen much resistance from the public or police.

The group said it hopes to get national recognition as more groups gather to demonstrate in other cites around America. The Cleveland group said its goal, as a whole, is to make the change they said America desperately needs for a better future.

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