Occupy Cleveland demonstrators are continuing their push for an 'equal America'

CLEVELAND - The Occupy Cleveland demonstrators started their push for an "equal America" last week, they are still pushing their cause strong this weekend.

Dozens of demonstrators from all over Northeast Ohio gathered at the Free Stamp on East 9th and Lakeside Saturday afternoon to march around Cleveland.

They held signs and chanted their cause all over Cleveland streets. They say they want to get rid of corporate greed and stabilize America's finances.

The whole point, organizers say, of Occupy Cleveland is to make downtown their "home". They say they will not leave until they see some change in America.

Right now, they have permits from city officials to be demonstrating until October 17, 2011. Then, they will have to re-apply for more permits. So far, they have had very peaceful demonstrations. Cleveland Police are standing guard.

On Friday, the group gathered a few dozen demonstrators who say they are not working full-time jobs because they consider Occupy Cleveland their new job.

On Saturday, their message was the same. They say they are standing strong on their agenda.

The group hopes to get national recognition as more groups gather to demonstrate in other cites around America. The Cleveland group hopes, as a whole, they will make the change they say America desperately needs for a better future.


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