Presti's restaurant in Oberlin closes its doors after 77 years

Presti's food enjoyed by many generations

OBERLIN, Ohio - Presti's restaurant is an Oberlin institution. For 77 years they have been serving a variety of food including its pasta and special sauce.

Now their remaining loyal customers will have to look elsewhere for those special home cooked meals.

"This last year has been really tough. It's time to close it up. I hate to do it but I have to" said Gene Presti, owner of Presti's restaurant.

Presti's has been a family run restaurant ever since John and Bess Presti opened its doors in 1937. It has been very successful over the decades, but hard economic times and the popularity of chain restaurants has taken its toll.

"Its been a great place to eat and they're going to be missed so very very much" said Lila Denillo, Presti's long-time customer.

The restaurant was packed with loyal customers on Saturday, March 22, their final day of business. But one of the adjoining dining areas was already dark, and the dessert counter was empty. The final customers will be served around midnight.

"We've had a great run for 77 years except for the last five maybe, but 72 of those 77 years were outstanding. Can't complain about that" said Presti.




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