Northeast Ohio water boosters report success in Uganda

Water well bore strikes gusher

MULAJJE, Uganda - A two-year-long water well project, headed by northeast Ohio clean water boosters, has met with success in rural Uganda.

Erin Huber, founder of the water sustainability organization, Drink Local. Drink Tap ., is presently in Uganda, and reports that a well drilled this week has produced water which is now being tested for safety.

Huber first traveled to the Lowerro district of central Uganda last summer with a small team to scout the well location and arrange for drilling engineers.

The bore hole has been drilled in Mulajje - a poor, rural village north of the country's capital of Kampala.

The well will serve 700 children who attend the Sts. Charles and Bonaventure orphan schools. Traditionally, the students and thousands of other families in the area have had to walk up to four miles each day to attain fresh drinking water.

The "Making Waves from Cleveland to Uganda" project involved raising $30,000 from Northeast Ohio backers and others.

One key recent donation of $10,000 came from the BNE Water Foundation - an organization started by internationally known graffiti tagger BNE.

Known for spray-painting his BNE initials on structures around the world, BNE recently told a Forbes magazine interview er he witnessed the need for clean water during his travels around the globe.

As a result, he started the non-profit BNE water foundation in 2011. The foundation raises money by selling donated art and BNE gear. The Cleveland to Uganda project donation is one of the first major gifts provided.

Click the following link for the very latest on the Making Waves from Cleveland to Uganda project.

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