Night Out for the Missing: Cleveland police step up efforts to find missing persons

118 missing persons cases in Cleveland

CLEVELAND - The "Night out for Missing" probably didn't go the way Cleveland Police had planned but their message was heard loud and clear.

Police set up two command posts; one on Seymour Avenue and the other on East 93rd Street and Heath. The plan was to get people in the community to turn out and give information they may have about missing persons in Cleveland.

According to the departments Missing Persons website, there are 118 missing persons cases in the city. Clearly the rain may have played a factor, but concerns with coming forward may have played another factor.

Commander Keith Sulzer addressed the issued when asked about people's fears of what may happen to them if their records are not exactly clean. "And that's part of our job to make them not afraid of us," he said standing outside the command post on Seymour.  "When you come to us, we are not going to run you for warrants and we are not going to check your status."

The other command post was set up hear East 93rd Street and Heath. Heath is where Ashley Ann Leszyeski was last seen. The 21-year-old doesn't have a history of running away and there's been no activity on her social media pages. She was last seen on May 6.

Others like the Kleckler family used the night to bring attention to the plight of their missing daughter. Christina Kleckler has been missing for nearly two years. Her mother said she has mental issues and needs medication.

When the three women found alive first flashed across TV screens. The Kleckler family was hoping one of the woman was their loved one. "When we heard it on the news and we found out there was another girl? Me and her dad were on the edge of our seat wondering? Is that are baby in there?" she said.

Commander Sulzer said he plans to have another night out similar to the one held Thursday. It will be called "See More." He plans to have three in the coming year to honor the three women found alive on Seymour Avenue earlier this month.

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