NFL Hall of Famers swarm to the I-X Center for a historic gathering

CLEVELAND - Pro Football Hall of Fame players invaded the I-X Center in Cleveland on Friday as part of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fan Fest.

"This is historic because for the first time ever we have 100 Hall of Famers outside of Canton," said Hall of Fame president David Baker.

"True football fans can come and have direct access with these guys, photo sessions, and talk to them about their greatest plays. It’s going to be a lot of fun."

"It’s a good idea for the Hall of Fame to go out on the road and get out of Canton and go to cities like Cleveland,” said the events emcee and former CNN anchor Larry King.

“It’s a unique setting for us because while we are in the hall of fame, for people to see us they usually have to go to Canton,” said former Browns player and hall of famer Paul Warfield.

The event will be very similar to an annual event known as Comic-Con out in San Diego. There will be clinics, round tables and people will be able to talk about the upcoming draft with players getting their opinion.

Browns Hall of Famers at the event included Jim Brown, Joe DeLamiellure, Leroy Kelly, Bobby Mitchell, and Paul Warfield.

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