Neighbors worry kids will get desensitized to seeing low wires because there are so many

CLEVELAND - Street after street in Cleveland, neighborhood after neighborhood, telephone and cable lines can be seen dangling and hanging low, within arm's reach.

Some on the lines reach the ground like a bunch of wires on E. 24th Street near the Cleveland State University's campus.

Another line hangs to the sidewalk where walkers have to go around it in the 7200 block of Clark Avenue.

When you see any line down, call the power company.

I did and First Energy quickly responded to Clark Avenue and confirmed it was another telephone line.

Cynthia Wilkinson walked by the line with her kids.

How often does she see lines like this? "Often, often, it's ridiculous," Wilkinson said.

Nobody wants people, especially kids, to get used to see hanging lines.

Since I first did this story four years ago, it seems to be getting worse.

Neighbors say phone and cable workers do sloppy work, just cutting lines and leaving them hanging to the ground.

Neighbors are concerned kids might get desensitized to seeing hanging wires.

First Energy said to stay away from all downed lines, assume they are live wires and call 1-888-LIGHTSS to report a downed line.

You can also call Cleveland Public Power at 216-664-3156.

AT&T spokesperson Holly Hollingsworth said, "Safety is of the highest priority and no job is so urgent that it can't be accomplished in a safe manner with quality."

Maureen Harper with the City Of Cleveland said residents are urged to report all downed lines to be checked and that city officials will take a closer look as to why the lines are being left to hang so low.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio said cable companies do not fall under their jurisdiction, but residents should report all downed lines.

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