Neighbors on Seymour Avenue want Cleveland kidnapping house torn down

Many fear black mark on neighborhood

CLEVELAND - The house on Seymour Avenue where three young women were held hostage for a decade was fenced in on Monday.

But neighbors said they'd rather see it torn down.

"Sometimes I have to close the shades because I don't want to look at his house, you know," said one man who is threatening to move off the street.

Some neighbors wonder if Seymour Avenue will have a black mark now, as was the case on Imperial Avenue where 11 women were murdered.

Residents who were involved in an effort to change the name of Imperial Avenue said it became very difficult to run a business or rent a home on Imperial.

"The house is fixed completely, but as soon as they hear the word Imperial they say no, no, no," Imperial homeowner Faucett Bess told NewsChannel5 last year.

One Seymour Avenue resident doesn't want that to happen to his street. 

"They're going to think that Seymour Avenue's real bad and there's going to be repercussions for everybody around here," he said.

The house must remain standing until the court proceedings have concluded.

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