Navy divers swim in shark tank at Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Visitors show appreciation as part of Navy Week

CLEVELAND - Monday was the first day of Navy Week in Cleveland and visitors to Greater Cleveland Aquarium witnessed what Naval officers do to help keep all of us safe.

The Navy Band-Great Lakes greeted people with music as they entered the aquarium's doors.

Once inside, visitors observed a Navy diving demonstration in the aquarium's shark tank. Children pressed their hands on the glass of the tank to "high-five" the Naval officers who were inside the tank. Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Technicians operated remote-control robots that are used to neutralize explosives.

Therese Hensley has a high school friend who is a Navy officer stationed in San Diego. Therese brought her two young children, Claire and Connor, to the aquarium to help them learn what role the military has in their lives.

"I didn't grow up with our country at war, but my kids certainly have only known our country to be at war," said Hensley. "I think they do need to know that there are soldiers out there protecting us."

Sandy Weisman came to the aquarium not knowing about the Navy demonstration taking place. He served as an Air Force pilot from 1958-1963 and has a grand-nephew in Afghanistan. Sandy is proud of all branches of the military.

"I think the more people know what the military does, the more they'll support it and they realize that we have to have it as part of our country," said Weisman.

Naval officers on hand Monday received a lot of respect and appreciation from those in attendance.

"A lot of thank you's," said Navy officer James Wisneski. "We've had people and numerous veterans come up to us saying 'thank you for your service.'"

Navy demonstrations at Greater Cleveland Aquarium will take place through Friday.

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