Named for Gen. Moses Cleaveland, the city of Cleveland was established on July 22, 1796

CLEVELAND - We’re going to need more candles. And a bigger cake.

That’s because, 218 years ago on July 22, the city of Cleveland was “born” when surveyors of the Connecticut Land Company laid out the Western Reserve into townships, naming the capital of “New Connecticut” after their leader, General Moses Cleaveland .

Nope, that’s not a misspelling. Legend says the city’s first newspaper didn’t have room for the “a” and dropped it from a headline. Others say the surveyors themselves misspelled it on a map.

As for Cleaveland himself, he never returned, saying "While I was in New Connecticut I laid out a town on the bank of Lake Erie, which was called by my name, and I believe the child is now born that may live to see that place as large as Old Windham."

Happy birthday, Cleveland! 

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