Michelle Knight gets emotional urging others not to judge allegedly abducted California woman

Knight: "Don't break her down"

A California woman who was recently freed after 10 years in captivity to her mother’s ex-boyfriend has an ally in Michelle Knight.

Speaking to CNN’s Kate Bolduan, Knight got emotional as she urged people not to judge the unidentified woman who was kidnapped at age 15.

Some of her former neighbors said they believe she could have escaped at any time. But Knight says that’s easy for someone on the outside to say if they haven’t experienced something like that personally.

“And that's what you've gotta think about is how she felt. She was there. Nobody else in the world was there,” Knight said. “They don't know exactly what she went through, and not unless you were walking in her shoes, you have no reason to talk. None at all."

Knight reached out to the woman, offering her support and an understanding ear.

She offered this advice: “Make your life beautiful now. Don't dwell in the past."

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