Mayor: Euclid officer shot himself at police station during meeting with chief about investigation

EUCLID, Ohio - The Euclid police officer who committed suicide at the station Wednesday morning was not cooperating with an investigation conducted by the sheriff's office and FBI, according to a statement Thursday from Euclid Mayor Bill Cervenik.

Sgt. Kevin Blakeley was asked to meet with Euclid Police Chief James Repicky Wednesday, in regards to why he was not cooperating with the investigation, Cervenik said.

"At the outset of this meeting, Sergeant Blakeley suddenly and tragically ended his own life with a self-inflicted wound from his police weapon," Cervenik said. "No words were spoken, and no altercation took place. This action taken by Sergeant Blakeley occurred so quickly that the chief and the supervisors present had no chance to stop this tragic incident."

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The investigation stemmed from a discovery by the department that records and property logs were not being properly maintained within the department. An internal audit was then conducted, Cervenik said, confirming that inconsistencies existed within the records.

Chief Repicky then asked the Cuyahoga County Sheriff, along with the help of the FBI, to investigate the mishandling of the records, Cervenik said.

That investigation has yet to be completed, Cervenik said.

"While we are concerned with the family's grief, we must also reduce misinformation, rumors and speculation that could make this very sad situation even worse," Cervenik said.

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