Mayfield Heights council files complaint against Mayor Gregory Costabile

MAYFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - Mayfield Heights City Council has filed a complaint with the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas against Mayor Gregory Costabile.

Numerous current and former council members are demanding answers about an agreement Costabile made with Seagull Development Corporation.

Seagull installed a gas well near Costabile's home, after residents signed a petition approving of the project. Costabile and some of his neighbors profited from the project. However, specific amounts and details of that agreement have not been made public.

Costabile maintains he has a right to keep that information private. He insists he has done nothing wrong.

Some council members speculate that Costabile's home is not located within the allotted acreage of the gas well site. Many believe he should not have received any financial compensation.

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