Marijuana bag falls out of 5-year-old Cleveland charter school student's bag

Boy says weed is his father's

CLEVELAND - Cleveland police are investigating an incident at a Cleveland public charter school where a 5-year-old student accidentally brought a bag of marijuana to school.

The principal at Citizens Academy, a public charter school in Cleveland, called police Thursday to report a bag of marijuana was found in a 5-year-old's school bag.

When authorities questioned the boy and asked if he knew what was in the bag, the boy responded "his dad's weed that he smokes."

The boy's father admitted to police that it was his marijuana and that his wife mistakenly gave his bag to their son.

"The police were great with the kid," said Lyman Millard spokesperson for the school. "They explained to the young man that this wasn't his mistake and he wasn't in trouble. We talked to the parents about what happened and we are a big family and in everyone's family we have people that make mistakes."

Newsnet5 is not naming the father because he has not been brought up on charges. Police have said drug abuse and child endangering charges are pending. The father does have a June arrest for possession of marijuana.

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