Maple Heights 'Extreme Makeover' family teams with Cavs for fundraiser

Andersons' organization seeks to help disabled

MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio - Jasmine and Andre Anderson are best known for their appearance on the ABC TV show Extreme Makever: Home Edition.

The Maple Heights couple and their sons, Jaison and Jahzion, were the lucky family chosen to receive a new home last October. The episode featuring the Andersons aired on national television in early December.

But Jasmine and Andre Anderson, who are both blind, said they also want to be recognized for their work as advocates for the disabled. The couple have started a non-profit organization called the 'This' Ability Awareness Center.

"We do workshops, sensitivity training and we do presentations to schools, businesses and organizations." said Jasmine Anderson. "So far, since September, we've served over 1,400 children and teachers in local school disticts."

This Friday night, The 'This' Ability Awareness Center is partnering with the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association to raise funds to support their work.

A special 'fundraising package' is being offered by the Cavs for that night's game against the Chicago Bulls.

According to Jasmine Anderson, the Cavs fundraiser package includes a ticket to the game, a free Cavs sun visor and raffle tickets to be entered for a donated Cavalier gift  baskets that will be given away.

"The Cleveland Cavaliers were so awesome with the whole Extreme Makeover build -- they donated so many materials." Jasmine said. " We love the Cavs and we're just so supportive of them and we're glad that they are supporting our organization."

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