Manhole covers in Cleveland's Slavic Village stolen for second time in one month

Thieves strike at Bohemian National Hall

CLEVELAND - For the second time in one month, sewer covers in the parking lot of Bohemian National Hall/Sokol Greater Cleveland in  Slavic Village neighborhood were stolen by scrap thieves.

Cleveland Councilman Tony Brancatelli told NewsChannel 5 that seven manhole covers, ranging from $400 to $500 each, were stolen Saturday evening.

Brancatelli said there is an epidemic of covers being stolen from parking lots, streets and sidewalks. He wants to hold scrap yards more accountable for accepting stolen scrap metal.

Brancatelli stated laws will be going into effect in January to hold people more accountable and to help deter scrap thieves.

Crews were out Tuesday at Bohemian National Hall placing orange barrels and temporary wood coverings over the 32-inch-wide openings.

With young children participating in gymnastics class inside, safety was a huge concern for city officials.

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