Man driving to Cleveland immigration rally arrested, may be deported

CLEVELAND - More than a hundred people gathered in Cleveland to call for changes to immigration laws.

Then, a family, on their way to the rally is pulled over by police and now a man is facing deportation.

ONN's Cristin Severance was the only reporter there as rally organizers frantically tried to figure out what happened.

Rally organizer Veronica Dahlberg said families can be separated forever, even after being in the United States for years, because the mother or father came here illegally.

During a rally Friday at Willard Park in Cleveland, Dahlberg received a call on her cell phone.

"I'm just now taking a call, a family with a baby on their way to the rally has been stopped by police. We are going to try to get them out. She's crying. Her baby is in the car. We have to do something," Dahlberg told the crowd over a loudspeaker.

Dahlberg and others at the rally realized the car was pulled over on Euclid Avenue near East 9th Street and took off in that direction.

"They've called immigration officials on them so we're worried about the kids. A lot of times, they take the kids and put them in foster care. They get lost in the system and we are going to try to intervene," said Dahlberg, as she raced to the intersection.

They spotted the family and the police on Euclid and Dahlberg asked if they can be released.

"He doesn't have a driver's license. He can't legally drive in the state of Ohio," said a Cleveland police pfficer on the scene.

They found out the Akron man, who has six children, drove up with his wife, one son and his brother-in-law. He was driving in the bus lane and got pulled over, then was arrested.

"He's given false information and everything else. He's going to jail," the officer told Dahlberg.

Dahlberg said the man is here illegally and could now be deported. She said driving to these rally's can be a huge risk for the people who want to attend.

"That's why we are hesitant to have them. But, there's no other way for us to get our message out there. Unless we congregate as a large group to show we are united on a particular issue. So, I guess the struggle will continue."

Dahlberg, who is with the Organization of Hispanic Women in Lake and Ashtabula County, said they will try to help this family.

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