Macedonia man plans to make 60th appearance at Indians home opener Friday

MACEDONIA, Ohio - Have you ever done something 60 times in a row, besides waking up? Many people cannot name multiple activities where this holds true.

Friday the Cleveland Indians will be back in town for the first time this baseball season for their home opener and one Macedonia man will be in attendance for his 60th time in a row.

“It got to be 10 years in a row, then 20, then 30. And I said, 'man I can’t stop this',” said Ed Lachowski. He’s 73-years-old and first started attending games when he was only 14. He sold score cards for the Indians.

For the past 59 years, Lachowski has made an appearance at Progressive Field for the team's home opener and this year isn't an exception. Lachowski plans to attend Friday's game, provided that it doesn’t get rained out.

He was asked by the Indians to be part of a ceremony celebrating the ballpark's 20th year anniversary.

His streak almost came to an end on Opening Day in 1994. At 39 times in a row, he thought it was over. He didn't have tickets to the game. It was a first time for him. Luckily, his son came through and got him tickets at the last minute.

“My son got them from a scalper and we got in,” Lachowski said.

The one person who has not gone to an Opening Day game with him is Lachowski's wife. She said it’s too cold and she plans to cheer her husband on Friday from a warm room.

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