Loved ones hope Gloria Walker is still alive

Asking witnesses to her disappearance to talk

CLEVELAND - Gregory Washington has been hoping for his own miracle, ever since the three Seymour Survivors escaped from Ariel Castro's home one year ago.

"It gave me a little hope," he said. "If if can happen to them, it probably can happen to us," Washington said.

Gloria Walker, the mother of Washington's now 21-year-old son, vanished without a trace on May 20, 2007.  By Washington's account, she dropped a neighbor's friend off at East 49th Street and Harvard Road then returned to her home near East 65th Street and Broadway Avenue and apparently left home again that night.

"Someone who was with her that night knows exactly what happened to her," he said. "And they shouldn't be afraid to come forward because I do not believe they committed a crime. So I would love for them to come and tell the police whatever they know."

Washington says Nancy Ruiz, the mother of Seymour Survivor Gina DeJesus, encouraged him to think positively and believe that Walker is alive.  And he does.

"Until I see bones or some evidence that she's no longer with us, I choose to believe she's alive," he said.




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