LOOK: City of Cleveland employees' salaries, pay

CLEVELAND - Do you know how much Mayor Frank Jackson is paid?

How about who the highest-paid Cleveland employee is?

We scoured public records to find out what your taxes are paying for in City Hall. Among the findings:

  • Mayor Jackson makes $136,758.46 annually.
  • The highest-paid city employee is the Director of Port Control, Ricky D. Smith, who makes $222,895.30 annually.
  • The city employed 74 student aides in 2013, who made around $10,000 annually each.
  • The lowest-paid annally paid employee is called "Boxing and Wrestling Comm Member," who makes $2,100 annually.

Click the links below to explore the records for yourself.

We also have the State of Ohio's employees database - including overtime - here.

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