Local singer Gabrielle Nicole 'blows everyone away' on ABC's 'Rising Star'

Will appear again this Sunday

LYNDHURST, Ohio - As a three-year-old, Gabrielle Nicole started tap dancing and also sang her first solo in church.

“She sang a couple bars and she got stage fright and ran away,” said Jacqueline Tyson Holmes, Gabrielle’s mother.

That was the last time she ran from anything entertainment related.

Now at age 20, Gabby is a smash hit on ABC-TV’s 'Rising Star', which airs on NewsChannel5 Sunday at 9 p.m.

WATCH: Gabrielle Nicole "blow everyone away" on "Rising Star"

"We just sit back and watch in awe when she opens her moth and sings,” mom said.  “Like I've told her, all her life, no matter what she does, she's my shining star.”

Her Lyndhurst family, which includes brothers Christian, 25, and Matthew, 15, and grandmother Josephine Tyson, couldn’t be in Los Angeles July 6, when Gabby sang live on TV.

“I was sitting in one of the chairs crying and screaming because she did such a beautiful job,” he mother said.

Gabrielle is star academically as well. She entered first grade at age four and graduated from Brush High School when she was 17.

She was an “Arcette”, a cheerleader at Brush all four years; she won solo and team singing contests, writes songs, is a chereographer and even designed her prom dress.

The trip to be on the show in Hollywood started with a crowded audition in Chicago last April.

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