Local Ukrainians are not happy with the Crimea vote

PARMA, Ohio - Local Ukrainians are not happy with the vote that came to an end at 2 p.m. ET Sunday in Crimea.

The Russian Federation has indicated that 90 percent of the people support the peninsula rejoining Russia for the first time since 1954. Their anger is with the vote process, which they have said was organized within a week.

They also make claims that the people voting are not all from the area. “They had a lot of tourists from Russia shuttled in Buses,” said Andriy Voyetskiy. “They are coming in voting and they are not citizens. They do not live in the Ukraine,” he continued.

CNN captured video of a man they said voted twice. There are also images of people going to vote with armed guards surrounding voting stations. “So in fact it’s hardly a free referendum. It’s basically at the muzzle of a gun,” said George Jaskiw.

Many said they are hoping the U.S. goes ahead with sanctions. A spokesperson for the U.S. released a statement calling Russia’s actions, “dangerous and destabilizing.”  


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