Local Middle Easterners react to killings in Libya and tearing down of flag by Egyptian protesters

CLEVELAND - Local Middle Easterners react to killings in Libya and tearing down of flag by Egyptian protesters. Some fear for their families.

Egytian American, Aida Takla, is worried about her mother and children who are in Egypt.

"I got my five children over there, I'm worried about them," she said.

The West Side Market vendor said the violent backlash over a movie posted online depicting the prophet Muhammad as a fraud and womanizer is disrespectful. However, she said the anger over the movie doesn't justify the killings; nor does it justify Egyptian protesters tearing down the American flag at the U.S. Embassy there.

"Yes it's over, it's too over you know it's like a movie, it's not yours it's not mine, it's just a movie," she explained.

Others like Ayman Alakayli agree; but said it is also a matter of respect.

Alakayli was born in Libya. He said he was appalled that the man who helped bring down Muammar Qaddafi was met with such a horrific fate.
"The United States had a lot to do with the revolution and helping out the revolution, especially the Ambassador himself, he was part of it in the state of Benghazi so that was uncalled for," said Alakayli.

He said he believes the militants are looking for someone to blame for one person's actions. He said the militants have gone against Islamic principles.

"They're guest and in our tradition, Islamic tradition guests should be protected; so that was not even Islamic, so we're completely against that," he explained.

Yet and still, Alakayli said Americans must learn to respect other cultures and behaviors.

"It has to be a balancing, for each action there has to be reaction but there has to be equal in response, not murder," said Alakayli.

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