Small business Saturday celebrated both nationally and locally

Local merchants urge shoppers to shop locally

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - With Black Friday behind us and Cyber Monday around the corner, another day is fast becoming a new tradition. Small Business Saturday.

American Express started Small Business Saturday three years ago. The intent was to promote smaller, local businesses that may be having a hard time competing with big box stores and shopping malls across the country.

Shopping locally means not having to travel as far, and parking may be easier than endlessly circling a mall.

David Stein owns the Plantation Home store in Lakewood. He says there are other bonuses to shopping locally that consumers may not be aware of.

"So many dollars stay in the community if your dollars are spent at a local business. More than fifty cents on each dollar stays in your local community," said Stein.

More and more shoppers are growing tired of seeing the same merchandise at larger stores.

"It's the uniqueness of the products in the store that I love. I like to support peoples innovative and creative ideas," said Carol Retsch-Bogart from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Carol was in the Cleveland area visiting relatives over the Thanksgiving holiday. She was aware of the numerous local merchants sprinkled along Detroit Avenue. For her, it was the perfect day to look for some unique Christmas gifts.

Small Business Saturday may only come once every year, but local store owners need to keep their business up year round.

"Our goal for 2013 is not just Small Business Saturday, but Small Business Everyday," said Stein.

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